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About Lavender

The word lavender is derived from the Latin word lavare, which means to wash. Ancient Romans were said to have used lavender in their public baths. Not only did the lavender scent the water, creating a relaxing and soothing experience, it also acted as a natural antiseptic.

For centuries, lavender has been used for both its natural healing and stress-relieving properties. Some studies show lavender increases the alpha waves in the back of the brain associated with relaxation when inhaled.

Lavender is a woody shrub with beautiful bluish-purple blooms. Lavender is widely used for its calming fragrance, which is said to help one return to a balanced state of being by relieving tension, easing depression, inducing sleep, and reducing anxiety. It also smells great!

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature’s way. —Aristotle

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